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The Post-election, post-pandemic environment predicts big changes for the health care industry. 14th annual Healthcare Payment Innovations conference has developed a unique, cutting-edge agenda to help you understand what you need to know to sharpen your competitive position. This comprehensive program will transform your payment systems to positively monetize the patient interaction and uncover revenues from inefficiencies to enhance patient yield throughout the patient journey. Learn how key data acquisition across the payer-provider-patient interactions help you analyze the key differentiators between cost and yield. See also how other industry leaders have expanded interoperability and applied innovative processes that have managed risk, generated increased revenue, and carved out substantial savings from efficiencies.


Update yourself on the transformative disruptions and the innovations in telehealth and remote care standards that will optimize quality and reimbursement., Understand what critical tools and innovations you need to apply to achieve a premium retail experience as patient healthcare expectations are increasingly influenced by their digital shopping experiences.

The agenda will address the 3 key pillars of Health care Payments

    Part I – The Consumer:
    A Consumer-First Approach to to Engage, Motivate, Enroll and Retain Patient Payments

  • Launch pre-service interactions digitally in the right direction
  • Follow the patient clinical and financial health care journey to integrate key data and set expectations
  • Establish a patient-friendly process that generates clinical and financial win-win for all stakeholders

  • Part II – Seamless Back Office Integration:
    Transform Back Office Functions to Seamlessly Bridge Patient Data with Payment Data

  • Apply key factors to improve the fundamentals of quality assurance in your systems
  • Ensure automation quality and effective frame accountability
  • Deliver seamless front end interactions with supportive coding, patient monitoring and financing accuracy
  • Have a fool-proof process for designing a customized cash reconciliation system
  • Lessons in structuring teams for back office over-hauls

  • Part III – Revolutionary Innovations:
    Transformative Disruptions and Innovations That Will Revolutionize Healthcare Payments

  • Manage the acceleration and growing volume of telehealth to align outcomes with optional reimbursement and revenue
  • Innovative financing, lending, and payment options to patients to increase payments and remittances
  • Re-engage, nudge, monitor and retain to identify additional revenue and payment opportunities

2021 All Star Faculty

Coming Soon!

Who Should Attend:

Health Care Financial and Payments Innovations Senior Executives, Directors & Managers from:

Providers (Health Systems, Hospitals, IPAs, ACOs) - with responsibility for:

  • Payment Innovations
  • Patient Financial Services
  • RCM
  • Billing, Claims and Collections
  • Data Security & Compliance
  • Reimbursement
  • Payor Relations
  • Payor Strategy
  • Finance
  • Operations/IT

Payors (Health Insurance Companies, Health Plans, ACOs) - with responsibility for:

  • Payment Innovations
  • Finance
  • Provider Contracting
  • Provider Payments
  • Provider Reimbursement
  • Provider Data Management
  • Provider Experience
  • Provider Relations
  • Provider Network Management
  • Payment Integrity
  • Actuarial
  • Reimbursement
  • Financial IT
  • Operations
  • Claims


  • Payment Processing
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Payment Solutions
  • Billing & Coding
  • Collections
  • Management Consultants
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Patient Payment Management
  • Claims Processing, Adjudication and Record Keeping
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Data Security

BANKS and Other Financial Institutions - with responsibility for:

  • Healthcare Payments Solutions
  • Treasury Services
  • Revenue Cycle Management Solutions
  • Patient Financing Options
  • Product Development
  • Card Sales
  • Technology and Innovation