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Meduit is one of the nation’s leading revenue cycle solutions companies with decades of experience in the RCM arena, serving 850 hospitals and large physician practices in 46 states. Meduit combines a state-of-the-art accounts receivable management model with advanced technologies and an experienced people-focused team that takes a compassionate and supportive approach to working with patients. Meduit significantly improves financial, operational and clinical performance, ensuring that healthcare organizations can dedicate their resources to providing more quality healthcare services to more patients.

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The days of calling patients and expecting to speak to them are over. Today, dialing outbound to try to find someone ready to talk is largely a waste of time. VoApps DirectDrop Voicemail changes the math on healthcare revenue cycle management. We help hospitals and health systems turn their outbound call centers into inbound centers. Our clients take the day’s queue and deliver voicemails to the whole group in minutes. Then, because the patients know they have an obligation, our clients spend their day answering inbound calls from the ones that are ready to make a payment, add insurance or resolve other issues. VoApps DirectDrop Voicemail. Stop calling. Start collecting.®