2019 Partners

Educational Underwriters

Healthcare Retroactive Audits, Inc (HRA) is a technology driven company using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate payment review for hospitals, assuring contract compliance. Through HRA’s efforts, Client hospitals can expect to recover no less than 1% of their Managed Care revenue, resulting in a direct, bottom line improvement. Additionally, HRA shares the knowledge of errors identified to prevent future revenue leakage that is actionable across the entire revenue cycle.

Supporting Organizations

HealthEquity empowers Americans to build health savings by providing powerful tools for health savings accounts (HSAs) and other health financial services. We manage over $7 billion in deposits, which makes us one of the largest dedicated health account custodians in the nation. Our convenient solutions serve more than 3.6 million health savings accounts, owned by individuals at more than 40,000 companies across the country. With member support available every hour of every day, our team provides around-the-clock insight to maximize health savings.

VestaCare’s mission is to secure and optimize the financial performance of healthcare delivery and the associated billing and payment services. The Company leverages its expertise and advanced technology for integrating with business systems to provide highly differentiated "Software as Service" electronic payment and financial data management technologies. With nearly twenty years of providing claim automation and ACH payment services to payers and third-party administrators, coupled with our proprietary “Dynamic Balance Adjusted” Secure Autopay payment plans supported by the VestaPay Patient Financial Management Platform, VestaCare is uniquely positioned to make healthcare more affordable for patients while enhancing financial performance for its customers. VestaCare’s founder and CEO Tom Brekka sums it up like this: “We originate from Silicon Valley with a mindset and approach to business characterized by continual innovation on all key fronts, including technology, human productivity and effectiveness, environment, and energy.”


VoApps DirectDrop Voicemail delivers a voice message directly to the consumer?s voicemail box without calling their phone. VoApps has emerged as the most efficient and patient friendly solution to contacting a mobile phone. The patented DirectDrop Voicemail has changed the economics of call centers by delivering payment notifications, application reminders, deadline warnings, and thank you messages. Over 100 million messages have been delivered to mobile users with DirectDrop Voicemail and that number grows daily!