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BillingTree® is the leading technology focused payment solutions company providing innovative products and services enabling organizations to increase efficiency and decrease costs of processing payments. Since 2003, BillingTree has focused on understanding the marketplace and growing payments with technology, helping merchants accept multiple payment channels while offering comprehensive value. www.mybillingtree.com

VestaCare is devoted to helping hospitals greatly improve revenues and offset operating losses. Through deployment of the VestaPay payment manager, hospitals are able to secure, rather than lose, the majority of their patient-responsible revenues, while ensuring patients are treated with compassion and respect. Headquartered in La Jolla, CA, VestaCare achieves dramatically improved financials by "preventing" patient revenue loss, rather than "chasing" patient bad debts. Proprietary technologies behind an integrated payment system are paired with comprehensive staff training and onsite support. By providing the most compassionate solutions, VestaPay enables patients to pay for their own medical care, with 90% of enrolled patients completing their total payments. VestaCare's approach, in working with hospital staff, increases patient satisfaction and loyalty, allowing them to focus on getting well instead of worrying about their medical bills. www.vestacare.com

Remedy Partners delivers software and services that enable payers, employers and at-risk providers to organize and finance healthcare delivery around a patient's episode of care. For healthcare providers, our software, analytics and administrative services support bundled payment contracts. For payers, we empower the development of bundled payment contracting programs and guide the development of bundled payment networks.

HealthAxis Group offers a comprehensive suite of products and services, for all types of Healthcare Organizations, to meet or resolve every situation. HealthAxis Group strives to move the practice and delivery of healthcare towards the ideal through a holistic approach enabled through software, services, and a driving desire to embrace the future. We help healthcare organizations address compliance, improve administrative efficiency, lower cost, and improve quality and delivery of care.

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Internet Health Management News is a twice weekly newsletter that provides news and strategic insight on how the Internet, mobile and e-commerce technology are fundamentally reshaping the U.S. healthcare system. Internet Health Management News informs readers on the key data analytics, digital marketing, e-commerce, mobile and social media applications and business strategies driving the future of retail and consumer-driven healthcare forward. Visit our website: digitalcommerce360 and subscribe to our twice weekly e-newsletter for free!